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Unboxme is all about delivering joy – to our customers, to people receiving our gifts, and to the incredible small businesses we’re honored to work alongside. What began as personal care packages for our nearest and dearest organically grew into a fully-fledged company, and before we knew it, we were sending hugs in boxes across the country!

As heartwarming and beautiful sending gifts usually is, it could quickly turn into a nightmare if the gift doesn't arrive on time and in one piece. Unboxme's team has done an incredible job curating the absolute best, most intricate, and unique gifts and made them available to any individual or company with just a few clicks. Their thoughtful care is applied throughout the entire order and fulfillment process up until the package leaves their hands and is in transit, destined to the smiling customer on their special day. That is where we were able to help Unboxme keep those customers smiling, no matter what fate brings.

ShipAid Solution

Unboxme has seen an incredibly 82% of their customer opt-in to a delivery guarantee at checkout. They were able to cover hundreds of dollars in lost/damaged packages and still come out profitable, netting an extra $2,263.53 per month! Their small team has also felt relief in managing delivery issues by asking the customer to use our Resolution Portal, greatly reducing the time it takes to manage their customer service experience.

"Everything about this app is incredible. They offer outstanding customer support, a smooth integration and easy to use portal. To top it off, our revenue has increased significantly since we get to keep 90% of the guarantee fees paid by our customers. There is nothing on the market like this, and I wish I had found them earlier!" - Bella, Founder of Unboxme

With the thousands of orders guaranteed, Unboxme has been able to rest easy that no matter how their carrier does on the next order they will have the funds to cover any issues and won't have to come out of pocket.

We’d be lost without the phenomenal community of women who have supported us along the way. As a 100% female-owned and founded company, there’s nothing that lights us up more than receiving warm words from both our gift givers and gift recipients. And it’s those personal stories – the moments when a delivery really made a difference to someone’s experience – that continue to inspire us.

- Unboxme

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