Avoiding the Top 10 Pitfalls of Shipment Packaging: Tips for a Smooth Delivery

January 30, 2023
4 mins

When it comes to shipping products, packaging is one of the most important factors to consider. A properly packaged item will arrive at its destination in good condition, while a poorly packaged item may be damaged in transit. However, there are many pitfalls to packaging that can cause problems for both businesses and individuals. Here are the 10 most common pitfalls of shipment packaging and how to avoid them:

Using the wrong type of box or container

Not all boxes are created equal, and using the wrong type of box can lead to damage in transit. For example, if you're shipping something fragile, you'll want to use a box that offers extra protection.

Not using enough padding or cushioning

Even if you use the right type of box, your item can still be damaged if it's not properly cushioned. Make sure to use plenty of padding, such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts, to protect your item during transit.

Not sealing the box properly

A poorly sealed box can lead to damage, as well as making it easier for someone to tamper with your package. Use strong tape and seal all openings to ensure that your package stays closed during transit.

Not labeling your package correctly

If your package is not labeled correctly, it may be delayed or even returned to you. Make sure to include all relevant information, such as the recipient's address and contact information, as well as a return address.

Not using the right type of shipping label

There are many different types of shipping labels available, and using the wrong one can lead to confusion and delays. Make sure to use the right type of label for your package and ensure that it is placed in a visible location.

Not considering the weight and size of your package

Shipping costs can vary greatly depending on the weight and size of your package. Make sure to consider these factors when packaging your item to ensure that you're not paying more than necessary.

Not considering the weather

Weather can play a big role in how your package is handled during transit. Make sure to take this into account when packaging your item and consider using weather-resistant materials if necessary.

Not considering customs and taxes

If you're shipping internationally, you'll need to consider customs and taxes. Make sure to include all necessary paperwork and follow all relevant regulations to ensure that your package clears customs without any issues.

Not considering the fragility of your item

Some items are more fragile than others, and they may need extra protection during transit. Make sure to take this into account when packaging your item and consider using extra padding or cushioning.

Not testing your packaging before shipping

Before you ship your package, it's a good idea to test it to make sure that it will withstand the rigors of transit. This will help you identify any issues with your packaging and make any necessary adjustments before it's too late.

In conclusion, packaging is an important factor when it comes to shipping products. By avoiding the common pitfalls of shipment packaging, you can ensure that your item arrives at its destination in good condition. If you're still having trouble with shipping issues, consider a delivery guarantee like ShipAid. We can help protect you from any losses and even make a profit.

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