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Why offer shipping guarantee with ShipAid?
With rising shipping, material and product costs those few orders you reship or have to refund every week because of delivery issues start to add up quickly. ShipAid provides the tools you need to charge your customers a small order delivery guarantee fee, protecting and enhancing your profit margins. You can finally provide incredibly easy-to-manage resolutions every time a customer complains about an issue with their delivery, without waiting on carriers or insurance companies to help you.
How much do customers pay?
That is entirely up to you. With ShipAid you can offer guarantee to your customer for a % or flat $ based fee at your discretion. You can set the rules based on order value and other factors.
What is the "% of Guarantee Revenue" fee?
We charge a small percentage of revenue that you collect using our app. You set your Guarantee Fee structure and cost to whatever is best for your store. We take a small percentage of this amount, whatever it is. This percentage only applies to the Guarantee Fee you collect, not the entire order value.
Is ShipAid an insurance company?
No, ShipAid is not insurance. We are a software company that allows merchants to charge a small fee from their customers. Merchants can provide a guarantee to their customers to either reship, or refund any late, lost, damaged, or stolen deliveries.
Do customers actually opt-in for a delivery guarantee?
Yes, on average over 80% of customers opt-in to shipping guarantee for the peace of mind that their order will not be wasted. Our app provides a very discreet yet effective way that has been tested to convert guarantee seamlessly. How many of your customers opt-in largely depends on the cost you set for this additional guarantee.

Delivery Issues

How do I manage delivery issues?
You are in full control with the ShipAid dashboard. Once an issue is filed you can decide to refund, reship, or deny with just a few clicks. Your customer can be notified of the resolution instantly, making it a painless process anyone can manage in just a few minutes.
Who files the delivery issues?
You do, but soon your customer will be able to file their own issues as well. Both methods give you (the merchant) full control and the final call on each resolution. This way you can provide
Who pays for the delivery issues?
We have made it simple to collect a small fee on every order from your customer. That way when something goes wrong with a shipment and a issue is filed you can cover the cost of reshipping or refunding your customer all through ShipAid. Everyone wins!


How does installation work? What do I have to do?
We handle the installation process from start to finish for free. All you have to do is grant our team limited access to your store so we can get to work. We will ensure the app is installed and operating to your liking, with unlimited revisions.
I currently use shipping insurance, can you help me switch for free?
Absolutely! We offer a white-glove installation service for free, no matter your current situation. Our team will install, test and provide suggestions on how to optimize for the highest conversion rates possible.
Can I offer ShipAid at checkout instead of in the cart?
Yes, but if you are using Shopify you will need to be on the PLUS plan. This allows you, and us, to edit your checkout and install ShipAid in the desired location. Data shows that shipping guarantee converts 10-15% better if it is added at checkout (as opposed to in cart).

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