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Mastering Post-Purchase Experience: Secrets from the World's Leading Cosmetics Brands

June 16, 2023
4 mins

In the highly competitive cosmetics industry, where global revenues surpass $100 billion annually, brands need more than just superior products to excel. The real differentiator lies in the quality of customer experience (CX) that brands provide, particularly in the post-purchase phase. This article uncovers how industry-leading cosmetics brands are revolutionizing the post-purchase experience and highlights how innovative solutions like ShipAid can further enhance this process.

Unpacking the Post-Purchase Strategy of Top Cosmetics Brands

Cosmetics brands understand that customer experience doesn't end at the point of sale. Therefore, they invest significantly in post-purchase strategies to retain customers and foster brand loyalty. They focus on providing detailed product availability and delivery information, which is crucial for customers who want to know when their purchases will arrive and whether they are in stock.

Top brands also ensure customers have easy access to FAQs and shipping fees, reducing the chances of customers reaching out directly for support. Additionally, they share customer support contact information to establish a strong relationship with customers and to ensure that feedback is easily shared and responded to.

A unique aspect of the post-purchase experience in the cosmetics industry is the return process. Due to the nature of cosmetics products, customers often need to use or wear them to determine if they're a good fit. This results in a higher than average return rate. However, when handled properly, returns can become an opportunity to build customer loyalty. Therefore, leading brands provide clear and customer-friendly return policies. They also offer special incentives or discounts to encourage customers to try other products, thereby mitigating any concerns about returns.

Navigating the Returns Process

One of the key aspects that these brands focus on is making their returns policies clear and understandable before a purchase is made. For instance, brands like bareMinerals offer free returns within a specific timeframe of purchase, and they ensure that this policy is clear to customers. They also include information about how refunds will be processed and the timelines involved, further building customer trust and confidence.

Engaging with Customers Post-Purchase

Top brands also remind customers of their return policies both before and after purchase, reinforcing the message and reassuring customers that they have nothing to lose by trying out the product. Brands such as L'Oreal and Revlon, for instance, not only provide easy-to-use online forms to facilitate returns but also highlight their return policies in their promotional materials.

Enhancing Post-Purchase Experience with ShipAid

In today's digital age, innovative tools like ShipAid are helping cosmetics brands deliver exceptional post-purchase experiences. ShipAid offers a delivery guarantee upsell widget, which not only helps brands increase their revenue but also gives customers peace of mind regarding their purchases.

Additionally, ShipAid’s Self-Service Customer Resolution Portal empowers customers to report any delivery issues themselves, reducing the workload for customer service teams. The portal thus improves the efficiency of resolving issues, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


In the cut-throat world of cosmetics, mastering the post-purchase experience is key to driving customer retention and loyalty. As leading brands continue to set new benchmarks in post-purchase customer experience, tools like ShipAid are proving to be invaluable allies in delivering the kind of service that keeps customers coming back for more.

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