ShipAid: A Comprehensive Order Protection Alternative for E-commerce Shopify Stores

May 29, 2023
5 mins

In the world of e-commerce, securing orders and ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount. Two key players in the market, ShipAid and Order Protection, offer distinct solutions to these challenges. I'll highlight the unique strengths and advantages of our platform in comparison with Order Protection.

Features Overview

Order Protection offers a suite of services primarily focused on handling shipping issues for customers, allowing e-commerce businesses to enjoy more revenue and better customer loyalty. Their services cover a wide range of issues including theft, damage, lost packages, wrong items, and missing items. They provide a customizable claim-filing process and ensure customer data security.

On the other hand, ShipAid offers a more comprehensive set of features. With ShipAid, merchants have full control of their order delivery process. If something goes wrong, it's up to you to decide the next steps. Our platform offers a customizable policy to suit your business needs and customer preferences, an aspect that ensures flexibility. With us, merchants can increase their revenue without changing anything else in their operations.

Benefits to the Customer

When comparing the benefits each platform provides to customers, ShipAid takes the lead.

While Order Protection does handle shipping issues and offers coverage for various order problems, the services provided by ShipAid are more comprehensive and customer-centric. ShipAid's self-service customer resolution portal allows customers to report delivery issues like lost packages without contacting your team, reducing your customer service workload. This portal is flexible, easy to use, and can be automated for quick resolution of issues.

Furthermore, ShipAid's portal can be fully customized to provide an enhanced experience and a personal touch, which is a step beyond what Order Protection offers. Customers appreciate this level of personalization, which is reflected in over 70% of customers opting in across hundreds of stores and thousands of orders daily with ShipAid.

Merchant Benefits

For merchants, ShipAid provides a myriad of benefits that make it a superior choice. Beyond the increase in revenue and time savings, ShipAid provides a quick resolution process that allows merchants to reship, refund, or deny claims with just a few clicks. This ease of use and control is not explicitly offered by Order Protection.

Additionally, ShipAid's platform is discreet yet effective. Our cart/checkout upsell is proven to boost conversion rates. Plus, ShipAid ensures a smooth integration process with free expert installation, which will get your service working exactly the way you want it within 24 hours.

The ShipAid Advantage

At ShipAid, we believe that merchants should have full control over their shipping policies, customer service, and revenue. That's why we've designed our platform to provide you with comprehensive control over every step of the order delivery process.

In contrast to Order Protection, which handles shipping issues and provides a monthly payout from protected orders, ShipAid allows merchants to keep the profits from the cost of lost, stolen, or damaged orders. This approach gives you a new revenue stream, allowing you to increase your margins without changing anything else in your operations.

Both Order Protection and ShipAid offer various features that can be beneficial for online businesses looking to protect their shipments and enhance customer experience.

Order Protection provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of shipping issues such as theft, damage, lost packages, wrong items, and missing items. It offers a 24/7 handling of shipping issues, enabling businesses to increase their revenue and improve customer loyalty. With Order Protection, businesses can also customize the claim-filing process to maintain a consistent brand experience throughout the shopping journey, from checkout to delivery. They offer monthly payouts from protected orders, which could potentially unlock new revenue opportunities for your business.

On the other hand, ShipAid also offers a range of solutions for businesses. They provide a platform where businesses have full control over the resolution process if something goes wrong with an order delivery. ShipAid's platform includes features for quick resolution of claims, time savings, and customizable policies to suit business needs. They also offer a Self-Service Resolution Portal, which can help reduce customer service workload by allowing customers to report delivery issues themselves. Moreover, ShipAid provides a new revenue stream by showing that customers are willing to pay for a guarantee that their ordered items will arrive in good condition.

Both platforms offer some level of customization to fit the branding needs of the business and ensure a seamless customer experience. However, ShipAid appears to have more emphasis on giving the business control over the resolution process and reducing the customer service workload through a self-service resolution portal. It also emphasizes the ability for businesses to decide how much to charge for their delivery guarantee.

Here's a summary of the main features of ShipAid:

Revenue Increase: ShipAid offers an opportunity for businesses to earn an additional 2.5% on most orders instantly.

Full Control & Time Savings: The platform gives businesses full control over what happens when something goes wrong with an order delivery, reducing time spent on lengthy email threads or waiting for decisions on a claim.

Customizable Policy: Businesses can tailor their policies to suit their specific needs and customer preferences.

New Revenue Stream: Data shows customers are willing to pay for a guarantee that their orders will arrive in one piece, providing businesses an opportunity to increase margins without changing anything else.

Self-Service Customer Resolution Portal: This feature reduces customer service workload by allowing customers to report delivery issues like lost packages without contacting the business team. Issues are filed to the business's dashboard and notifications are sent for quick resolution.

Customizable Customer Notifications: Businesses can reduce lost and stolen packages by providing up-to-date information to customers through customized emails.

Discreet Yet Effective Upsell: ShipAid's cart/checkout upsell is proven to boost conversion rates, with over 70% of customers opting in across hundreds of stores and thousands of orders daily.

Free Expert Installation: ShipAid provides free expert installation, promising to get the service working exactly as the business wants within 24 hours.

Dashboard Features: The platform offers a dashboard where businesses can track claims, reship, refund, or deny claims with just a few clicks. The dashboard also provides analytics to help businesses understand their shipping and claim trends.

Choosing between Order Protection and ShipAid will depend on the specific needs and priorities of your business. It's important to consider factors such as the nature of your products, the volume of your shipments, your customer service capacity, and your overall business goals. If possible, you may want to try a trial period with each service to see which one best fits your business.

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