Delicate & Expensive Cosmetic Products Shipped Nationwide

Streamlined their customer service saving thousands


We take immense pride in its collaborations, especially when we can contribute to a family-owned business like Erica's ATA. Their unique focus on manufacturing high-quality electric nail file tools, combined with over three decades of experience in the beauty industry, makes them a cherished part of our clientele. Here's a more detailed look at how our partnership with Erica's ATA has improved their customer service and financials.

The Challenge

Shipping delicate cosmetic products across the nation posed a significant challenge for Erica's ATA. The fragile nature of their products meant that they had to navigate the delicate balance between the frequent need for reshipping damaged items and maintaining their profit margins. Unfortunately, carriers do not always handle packages with care, leading to a number of damaged items and unsatisfied customers.

The ShipAid Solution

To help Erica's ATA overcome these challenges, we offered them our proven shipping protection solution. In the last 90 days alone, they were able to generate an additional $5,434.30 in revenue, thanks to our delivery guarantee service. Their customers warmly welcomed this addition, with the delivery guarantee conversion rate averaging around 70%.

"Our company has had such a wonderful experience with ShipAid! It is user-friendly and when we've had to contact Customer Support, we receive such timely service. Thank you for making package protection a friendly and efficient service for our customers!" - April, Sales | Marketing @ Erica's ATA

The self-service resolution portal we provided Erica's ATA proved to be a game-changer. It greatly streamlined their customer service, saving their team countless hours and reducing the email load significantly. Our solution has already assisted them in resolving over 45 delivery issues, leaving their customers satisfied with the swift and efficient process.

Positive Feedback and Future Outlook

April from Erica's ATA's sales and marketing team has praised our service as a "fantastic addition," particularly highlighting its timely introduction ahead of the busy Black Friday period. Such positive feedback fuels our motivation to continually improve and adapt our platform to better serve our clients.

The future of our partnership with Erica's ATA looks promising. We aim to help them further streamline their shipping process, resolve more delivery issues, and ensure every customer enjoys peace of mind when purchasing their products. Our journey together underlines our commitment at ShipAid to empower businesses with reliable and efficient shipping protection solutions.

Erica's ATA Founder


Founder of Erica's ATA

I'm Erica (yep, that Erica!)

My mission is to provide nail techs with the products and education they need to be the best that they can be. We strive to empower nail techs to achieve their professional goals and live happy, healthy, balanced lives. Whether it's through offering thoughtfully-designed high-end products, enabling access to the best e-file education out there, or teaching you how grown in your business and reach your personal and professional goals through our inner beauty growth program, Erica's is here for you!

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