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Based in central Ohio, Erica’s ATA is a family owned business specializing in electric nail file tools and techniques. With over 30+ years of experience in the beauty industry, Erica’s ATA is a proud US manufacturer of efficient manicure & pedicure tools to help techs work safely. Electric files are essential for today’s manicure and foot care services and we are excited to simplify your work with professional tools and education.

Erica's ATA Team are shipping delicate cosmetic products that are put to the test in transit. Carriers are not always the gentlest with their packages and things do happen occasionally. In order to protect their reputation and ensure every customer is completely satisfied with their experience with the brand, Erica's ATA team finds themselves in a constant balance between protecting their margins and reshipping to customers.

ShipAid Solution

In the last 90 days, Erica's ATA was able to generate an extra $5,434.30 in revenue without lifting a finger. Their delivery guarantee conversion rate has averaged around 70% of each purchase and their customers are incredibly happy with the peace of mind it offers them. Their team found incredible value in streamlining their customer service by offering our self-service resolution portal to their customers, saving their team countless hours and emails.

"Fantastic addition, just in time for Black Friday!" - April, Sales | Marketing @ Erica's ATA

Our app has helped them resolve over 45 delivery issues and left each of their customers incredibly happy with the process. We are looking forward to an incredible future together as we continue to receive their feedback and improve our platform to better serve their needs!

Erica's ATA Founder


Founder of Erica's ATA

I'm Erica (yep, that Erica!)

My mission is to provide nail techs with the products and education they need to be the best that they can be. We strive to empower nail techs to achieve their professional goals and live happy, healthy, balanced lives. Whether it's through offering thoughtfully-designed high-end products, enabling access to the best e-file education out there, or teaching you how grown in your business and reach your personal and professional goals through our inner beauty growth program, Erica's is here for you!

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