Top-Notch Coffee Making Products Sold Internationally

Additional $1,523.35 in revenue monthly


It gives us immense pleasure to see our solutions making a real impact on businesses, and our partnership with Subminimal is no exception. Here's how our alliance with this Singapore-based coffee equipment manufacturer made a significant difference in their operations and customer experience.

The Challenge

Subminimal, renowned for their high-quality coffee making products and patented milk frother, faced unique challenges due to their global reach. The intricate logistics of international shipping - borders, customs, regulations - often resulted in packages being lost, stolen, delayed, or damaged. While striving to shield their customers from these disruptions, Subminimal also needed to protect their bottom line from the associated losses. They required a reliable solution that could provide a safeguard for both their customers and their revenue.

The ShipAid Solution

Recognizing their need, we offered Subminimal our customized delivery guarantee solution. A few months after implementation, the positive results were undeniable. They successfully covered hundreds of dollars in lost or damaged packages, still maintaining profitability with an additional $963.53 in revenue each month!

The delivery guarantee became a popular choice among Subminimal's customers, with a commendable 63% conversion rate. This exceeded Subminimal's initial expectations, proving the value of our shipping protection services.

Alongside the financial benefits, our Resolution Portal dramatically improved the efficiency of Subminimal's customer service. By directing customers to handle their shipping claims through our portal, the company's customer service team saved valuable time and effort.

Positive Impact

Our partnership with Subminimal showcased ShipAid's ability to alleviate international shipping concerns effectively. With our support, Subminimal has not only fortified their revenues but also significantly improved their customer experience. It's a powerful reminder of our mission at ShipAid: to streamline shipping protection for businesses and offer peace of mind to both companies and their customers.

"The app is great and seamless, and the team behind it is super supportive. Having your own managed package protection fund is the best way to go about this issue because you stay in charge of customer service. I highly recommend it." - Dominic, Founder of Subminimal


Founder of Subminimal

I have a healthy obsession with all things simple. I believe good design is powerful, and good coffee is essential so I am exploring new ways to create exciting products that help you make better coffee drinks at home. Join me as I explore better ways to make good coffee even better.

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