Top-Notch Coffee Making Products Sold Internationally

Additional $1,523.35 in revenue monthly


Subminimal designs, manufactures, and markets coffee making products. More specifically, products for making perfect espresso-based drinks at home. We have invented and patented the best milk frother in the world. One that can make silky microfoam milk suitable for making latte art on cappuccinos, lattes and piccolos. We are based in Singapore and sell online globally with fast shipping via our warehouses in the United States and Singapore.

Subminimal's team deal with borders, customs, regulations, and many other logistics challenges on a daily basis. With so many moving parts, packages get lost, stolen, delayed, or damaged from time to time. The customer should not have to deal with these issues, but Subminimal cannot come out of pocket for these losses either. They needed a better way to ensure that when these unfortunate events occur, their revenue and their customer are both protected.

ShipAid Solution

Subminimal started offering a delivery guarantee to their customers a few months ago. Since then, they were able to cover hundreds of dollars in lost/damaged packages and still come out profitable, netting an extra $963.53 per month! Their small team has also felt relief in managing delivery issues by asking the customer to use our Resolution Portal, greatly reducing the time it takes to manage their customer service experience.

"it's a win-win!" - Dominic, Founder of Subminimal

They trusted our team to help them with this tough issue and have been incredibly happy with the results. Though they were nervous about it at first, their delivery guarantee conversion rate of 63% is much higher than they ever expected.


Founder of Subminimal

I have a healthy obsession with all things simple. I believe good design is powerful, and good coffee is essential so I am exploring new ways to create exciting products that help you make better coffee drinks at home. Join me as I explore better ways to make good coffee even better.

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